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Daniel is an award-winning storyteller with an expertise in writing strategic and original content for the online.

Whether visually or in writing, Daniel is a specialist in creating organic and engaging content for Branding, Marketing, Social Media and Communications.

He has lately storytold the Global Strategy for

Daniel's understanding and foreseeing of human needs and wants makes him "the strategic partner" to suceed in the storytelling strategies of your organization.

Ester Tarres, President

Daniel holds a MA in Scripwriting from Goldsmiths' College - University of London.


Daniel's background in storytelling comes from writing scripts for films, documentaries and corporate and commercial projects. These enabled him to develope a natural sense towards engaging the audiences with content that is relevant to their daily lives and ways of consumption.

He then transferred his storytelling skills to the online landscape as he saw a wider capacity to convey his writing abilities.

As a storyteller, Daniel has also given conferences and presented events at international locations. See more, and has written for magazines such as Vertigo.

Daniel has a natural skill for communications.

Annie Beeharry, Channel 4.

In July 2003, Daniel was accepted to start his degree studies at the University of West London in Ealing (former London College of Music and Media).

He studied a BA(Hons) in Media Arts & Video Production which he finished in 2006 with a High 2:1 and two 1st Class Final projects: a short-film and a documentary which he both directed and co-produced.

During the first three years in London, Daniel combined his studies with working as a Media Assistant at the Media Department of his university. He also formed the film society and the entrepreneurs club at the university and was a very active member and promoter of activities within and outside the campus.

Daniel's time-span also allowed him to work on several independent and medium-budget film and video productions that allowed him to grasp knowledge in the UK's film industry and production standards, as well as to gain deep knowledge on working in the UK as a whole.

Daniel went on working in London and abroad for companies such as the BBC, British Council, Cambridge University & MIT, Pulse Films and many others.

It was 2007 and the world for my filmmaking production was on fire:

The promotion of short film Wasted was on the go.

I had won the SPEED Award which allowed me to set up my own film and video production company. And work was coming in.

One of the first thing I worked on under The Hare and The Tortoise brand was a series of two music videos, both shot in day and in a shoestring budget.

The action of this video occurs on Kingsland Road in London. The famous, fashionable and one would even say iconic London road was the only location

Your story to your customers

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