The Farmer

Daniel was born in a beautiful 6000-thousand people medieval Spanish village called Iscar. There he enjoyed the freedom and life skills the country offers during childhood and the teen years.

At the age of 9, he set off as an entrepreneur by selling baby-chicken from his father's farm at the time.

It was late 80s and there must have been an average of 2-3 children per family in the village. Daniel saw a good opportunity in selling chicken to families with children because at his dad's farm he had realised how astonished his friends and peers stared at the baby-chicken he was so used to from a very early age. And how once they saw Daniel's chicken, these peers, friends and the friends of his friends ached and begged to have a chicken-pet back home.

So Daniel went on segmenting neighbouring households in his village based on the amount of children and/or grandchildren per household, and on his own reckoning of each household capacity to breed one or two chickens inside the house/patio.

Daniel then prepared a sales pitch along the lines of:

Hello, is it you Mrs NAME?

This is Daniel "Carmona" (Daniel's family's nickname), son of Daniela and Teodoro and friends with your son / daughter / grandson / granddaughter / nephew...
I call because your relative has told me that you buy chicken. Is this so?
Well, then I'd like to let you know my father sells chicken, one chicken for 220 pesetas. Are you interested?
Ok, let's do something. I bring it with me when we come out of the school this afternoon and you see it. If you like it, you buy it.
I'll come along with your relative.

Thank you.
See you later, bye!

That was Daniel's first pitch ever! And it worked out!

He would take the home telephone and start making calls to neighbouring households by finding their surnames and street addresses in the White Pages.

Daniel pitched neighbouring potential clients the pet-chicken. He religiously showed up every-day after school at his client's doorstep alongside their son, daughter, grandchild or anyone making the pitch more compelling either by their own presence or their affection to having a chicken pet at home.

Daniel offered the chicken at double the rate his dad used to sell them to the mass producing chicken firms. These firms, in turn, sold the chicken at 15% Daniel's price to the supermarkets after 52 days of dad's farm processed-food-breeding, and the mortem and post-mortem processing taking place far from the sight of the final companion at the table.

If Daniel's prices were higher than dad's to the big firms', neighbours were attracted, and persuaded, to the idea of the children-pleasing-pet for now and food-for-the-plate for later in time.

It is not here to tell how hard it became for breeders to get the chiken in the plate. Yet, chicken populated houses and patios in the village and Daniel set up his first bank account ever and brought himself a BMX bike.

The Carpenter


1. Household Income.
Based on women's food-load exiting shops;

2. Wives rigorousness.

3. Wives speech volume.
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