Short Bio

Daniel is a Spanish senior strategist based in London, UK.

He has worked in strategic managerial roles in the manufacturing, digital media and online sectors.

His career as a strategist begun at the core of his family business in his natal village of Iscar in Spain.

Daniel has ever since progressed into studying a BA(Hons) and a Masters Degree at London universities and has held further strategic positions at international organisations in the digital media and online sectors in London, Madrid and Miami.

He is an excellent written and oral communicator, adept at quickly getting to the heart of an issue, and with a keen ability to create and deliver long-term strategies while achieving short-term results. A hands-on multi-faceted professional, Daniel excels at identifying and delivering cohesive digital strategies based on cost-effective digital, analytics-based and storytelling solutions.

Key Skills

Hands-on strategist: provide and lead digital branding marketing and communications strategies and online positioning

Leadership: able to hire awesome people, scale team and delegate as required, superior supervision and management

Influential: able to influence and advise with clarity of thought and expression and to build a cohesive storyline

Communicator: public persuasion and speaking skills, able to develop and sustain strong high level relationships

Adaptable: able to work within traditional, digital and mobile media and technology, processes and tools

Languages: proficiency in writing, reading and speaking English, Spanish and French.

The Farmer

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