The Student

Besides working at the carpentry, between 2001 and 2003 Daniel studied towards his A-Levels* in the evenings and at weekends, aiming at one day going to university and fulfilling his educational gap.

In 2002, he also studied towards the FIRST English Certificate by the Cambridge University and a language official course in French.

Daniel finished his A-Levels with an overall mark of 78% and also passed his English and French exams.

In June 2003 he traveled up to London for interviews at 4 universities he had previously arranged via UCAS.

Daniel was admitted at Thames Valley University and in September 2003 he started his BA(Hons) in Media Arts & Video Production. He finished in June 2006 with an overall High 2:1 and two 1st Class final projects.

On his final day at university Daniel got the news he was accepted at the Open Door Awards by Creative Skills (former SkillSet).

This scheme provided Daniel with further training by organisations such as BBC, VET, The Video College and I-Define, and by 1st-Class facilitators such as BAFTA Award Winner Noella Smith to guide Daniel in writing and staging storytelling for film.

The above training provided Daniel of the following certifications:

- Digital Video for Journalism & Storytelling. BBC Training & Development Centre. London. ‘06 - Understanding Video Technology. VET @ Hoxton Square. London. ‘06 - Induction to the Audiovisual Industries Diploma. Level 2. City & Guilds. London. ‘06 On his final day at university Daniel got the news he was accepted at the Open Door Awards by Creative Skills (former SkillSet).

During the entirety of the scheme and beyond, Daniel demostrated a set of solid creative and business skills alongside an entrepreneurial flair.

I have closely followed his career progression and I am glad to have witnessed him writing, directing and producing more successful films, create film ventures and to have seen his creative and strategic skills to have naturally evolved into the digital and online landscapes.

Daniel is a superb and adaptable storyteller, capable of coming up with fresh narratives for business and of understanding their customers' requirements.

Besides, he is an accomplished negotiator who stands on the ground for his ideas, and who perfectly understands the constrains of production and budgets, and excels at constructing and delivering outstanding stories as per require parameters.

I have no doubt Daniel's career in strategic roles is but of success as he plans roadmaps wisely and is more than capable to implement dynamically and effectively.

Carol Jacobs, Executive Producer at SkillSet.

After s a result of 6-year ongoing performance, Daniel's strategy helped to achieve:

This invaluable experience enabled Daniel to have a first-hand business experience where he realised his strategic skills at accomplishing RIO, and enabling the organisation to receive Craft Awards and to keep a healthy and well-known branding up to today.

By then village and business were getting small for Daniel's aspirations.

* Daniel had previously dropped from studying in favour of his family's business.

The Entrepreneur

Alumni Goldsmiths College Daniel G Cabrero
- 78% Spanish Baccalaureate
(A Level Equivalent).
- 2:1 BA(Hons) Media Arts & Video Production.
- Pass MA in Scriptwriting.
- 8 IELTS (English Test, 9 MAX).
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