The Carpenter

Daniel begun his career as a Strategist at the age of 18 at his family's business in carpentry - TGM Carpentry.

He worked hand-in-hand with his father and employees as a carpenter and with his mother at the office, designing and leading the branding, marketing and business plans.

Daniel's performance allowed the business to exceed short-term objectives whilst planting strong seeds for the medium and long term.

This 6-year invaluable experience enabled Daniel to have a first-hand business experience where he realised his strategic skills, accomplished ROI, and enabled the organisation to receive Craft Awards and to keep a healthy and well-known branding and clientele up to today.

At the carpentry, Daniel would not only came up with a constant flow of ideas, he was also able to implement them fully hands-on, and in many instances at a less than peanuts price. I'm a very proud father and Daniel an entrepreneurial individual with a lot to offer.

Teodoro Gonzalez, owner of TGM Carpentry.

By then village and business were getting small to Daniel's aspirations.

The Entrepreneur

- 35% increase in clientele.
- 50% increase in turnover.
- 60% minimisation of timber waste.
- 40% maximisation in production process.
- "Award-winner" quality-product.
- 5* delivery & customer support.
- Improvements on staff recruiting and training processes (up to 8 employees). Full job description.
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