The Entrepreneur

Daniel became his father's partner-in-business at the age of 19, gaining business shares and a retirement plan when he exited the organisation in 2003.

In London - July 2005, Daniel got himself a place to attend the course Enterprisers run by the Cambridge University - MIT Institute (CMI) at the University of Sussex.

This course provided Daniel a further understanding on business strategies, business profiles and team roles. It also deepened Daniel's business organisational skills and understanding of business in an international market.

It also allow him to access a network of entrepreneurs and professionals in the UK and abroad with whom Daniel still maintains close contact, as well as the right information and advice to start up a company in the UK.

On August 23rd, Daniel started trading off his own business start-up - The Hare & The Tortoise Productions, a film a video production company that he started with a camera, a tripod, a bunch of freelance-collaborators around and a boost of energy.

MY OWN WORDS - Hare Tortoise Youtuibe link

In September the same year Daniel was selected as a facilitator for the Enterprisers Programme held this time at at Roehampton University.

And in January 2006 Daniel was commissioned to produce a training film for the CMI at St. Andrew's University inspired Daniel in becoming self-employed, starting trading under the name of The Hare & The Tortoise Productions since 25th August 2005.

With this first commission and a loan from the bank, Daniel bought himself a set of lights, a camera and a tripod which combined with the universities' editing equipment until he could eventually afford an editing suite of his own at the end of that year.

With the Open Door Award in full swing, in September 2006 Daniel moved from quite West-London Ealing to a studio loft on the very Kingsland Road and set up his Start-Up base there.

Daniel's company started getting commissions for diverse projects and with diverse budgets and logistical challenges. And whilst The Open Door Award was the main project in the pile, other commissions and projects came on board such as collaborations with Oritze Williams from JLS, The Horniman Museum, Pulse Films or the artist Clara Sanabras

These commissions allowed Daniel to grow his network of clients and collaborators, but also to gather finances and research for the next projects.

award provided him the opportunity to access extensive training in film and media production, health and safety and networks and interpersonal and business skills to make a fully professional film whilst nurturing my skills on the way.

, and was provided by BBC and several other organisations in London such as VET in Hoxton Square. The aim of it all was to make a first fully professional film and to nurture my skills on the way.

Production: Short Film; Budget: 50000GBP; Cast: 8 cast: Crew: 26 senior/junior; Premiered at the Cannes Films Festival, Seminci, San Francisco, Portobello, London Spanish Film Festival.

The film Wasted opened doors for Daniel, who in September 2007 got awarded the Start-Up Fund SPEED, a Start-Up Fund for creative company creation by alumni of British Universities.

experimented an immediate change in the way his mind knew things up to that point. Not only the adaptation to a foreign language, but the culture, the university, the weather, all of it was enriching by the minute whilst transforming Daniel's insight.

The Storyteller

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