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For over 20 years TGM Carpentry has proudly designed, manufactured and delivered cutting edge, stylish, high quality household carpentry leading products.

In 1996, Daniel joined the team FT tasked with strategising and managing the end to end planning processes of a portfolio of products and clients to ensure that all customer needs were met while balancing stock levels, maximising production targets and training and informed staff to implement plans accordingly.

Job Purpose

Close communication with and liaison between sales operations and manufacturing department was key to the role, and to ensure by forward planning that there were no capacity or other bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Job Accountabilities

• Managed the Supply schedules for all products purchased from specified third party suppliers and to control the supply requirements for finished goods manufactured by the company

• Placed order schedules on the Suppliers

• Run Planning cycles for all material groups on a regular basis

• Ensured that supply requirements were met by constant monitoring of supplier production schedules

• Maintained frequent contact with Suppliers.

• Understood manufacturing constraints and component capacity issues at suppliers – planned production with suppliers to take account of all constraints and work with Senior Production Planner and Supplier where capacity needs to increase due to increased requirements

• Full SKU review held once a month.

• Provided co-ordinated feed back to business sales units on stock forecasts and planned deliveries advising of any stock issues in advance of stock outs

• Liaised closely with NPD and sales teams on launch of new products and ensure communication flow was two-way to ensure co-ordinated information to the commercial teams

• Ensured all direct enquiries were checked against forecast before being sent to suppliers and where possible insure dates given for unforecast requests do not impact ability to meet forecast requirements going forward

• Updated of all technological parameters of the organisation

• Constantly monitored Group Stock to minimise excess stocks throughout the group deferring orders where necessary

• Liaised with Senior Planners regarding movement of stock between central warehouses where necessary or prudent in the utilisation of excess stocks

• Worked with the forecasting team to challenge Sales forecasts and validate where required

• Negotiated with suppliers to try and reduce the lead times for specific orders where the requirement may be outside of the agreed parameters

• Maintained Control reports as requested by Senior Planners

• Confirmed all Commercial Forecast requests, based on stock availability in the present and projected in the future. Changes to forecast should be managed in a timely manner where possible within 5 working days

• Managed and maximised all workflows for Corrections, Extras and Recoveries

Experience and Skills Acquired

• Scheduling, Production, Distribution Planning

• Self motivated and able to work autonomously

• Ability to communicate accurately and concisely

• Organisational skills

• Ability to form working relationships

• Ability to challenge/negotiate both internally and externally

• Data integrity management

• Commercial awareness

• Competency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

He worked hand-in-hand with his father and employees as a carpenter and with his mother at the office, designing and leading the branding, marketing and business plans.

Daniel's performance allowed the business to exceed short-term objectives whilst planting strong seeds for the medium and long term.

This 6-year invaluable experience enabled Daniel to have a first-hand business experience where he realised his strategic skills, accomplished ROI, and enabled the organisation to receive Craft Awards and to keep a healthy and well-known branding and clientele up to today.

At the carpentry, Daniel would not only came up with a constant flow of ideas, he was also able to implement them fully hands-on, and in many instances at a less than peanuts price. I'm a very proud father and Daniel an entrepreneurial individual with a lot to offer.

Teodoro Gonzalez, owner of TGM Carpentry.

By then village and business were getting small to Daniel's aspirations.

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- 35% increase in clientele.
- 50% increase in turnover.
- 60% minimisation of timber waste.
- 40% maximisation in production process.
- "Award-winner" quality-product.
- 5* delivery & customer support.
- Improvements on staff recruiting and training processes (up to 8 employees). Full job description.
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